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High Quality Health Care 


Vanguard Health Services International join traditional nursing values with the very latest innovation to support safe healthcare services delivered within the secure and familiar surroundings of your own home or a nursing home.

Our aim is to provide you with excellent nurse led healthare and social care at all times, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions and delivering high quality care to even the most complex care requirements outside of the acute hospital.

New care models


As system leaders in a broader health and care network we understand that by operating at scale we can develop broader interactions within our local health and care system, we call this 'Whole System Health Care Provision'. Our vision is to actively promote this culture and through our services to ensure that we give confidence to everyone who enters a VHSI patient pathway that excellent healthcare, excellent relationships and innovation is what we care most about.  To do this we are developing a range of services that we called ‘HUBS’ that offer patients new enhanced models of care to support them though there health care journey with us. These services will include the following types of services. 

  • Helthcare HUBS: Get a 24hr appointment with a Doctor or a Specialist Nurse

  • Digital GP Telephone Consultation Service

  • Enhanced Healthcare in Care Homes - Recovery and Rehabilitation short term services

Call 7 days a week for your initial assessment on

086 021 7049

For all other enquiries please contact

01 857 1772

Your Own Personal Vanguard Health

From the very first meeting every patient will have their own personal Vanguard Health assigned to them throughout their time with us.

For additional reassurance a 24 hour help line will be available to handle any questions or concerns that you or your family may have.

Our Healthcare Service Pledge

High quality levels of care are delivered in the home by our team of fully qualified registered Vanguard Health and Personal Nursing Assistants.

The foundation of our services are built on five key pillars that we call our Healthcare Service Pledge.

Working with the HSE and Local GPs

We develop good relationships with local GPs, the HSE and other healthcare professionals to ensure all parties are working together in the best interest of the patient. We use state of the art telehealth monitoring equipment to regularly measure the vital signs of our patients and ensure that everyone involved in the care of a patient is regularly and consistently updated.

Contact us Today

Contact us now, anytime of the day or night, to arrange a visit to discuss your needs or those of a loved one. Simply call 086 021 7049 and speak to one of our friendly personal support partners or email us for further information.

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